Service Schedule


We are currently holding two services.

8:00 am - traditional worship with masks required

10:30 am - contemporary worship with masks removed once seated.

Bethesda Youth Ministries (5th thru 12th grade) - 6:00 pm at the social hall
     (Seasonal - See BYM Calendar)



Prayer Meeting 7:00 pm on Zoom 

Kidz Klub (age 4 thru 4th grade) - 6:30 pm
       (Seasonal - See Calendar)

Men's and Ladies' Bible Studies - 6:30 pm
       (Seasonal - See Calendar)


We are located at 155 Reedsville Road, Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972. **Please note that our offices are located across the street and our mailing address is: 23 Meadowbrook Drive, Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972.

For customized directions from your location, click on the map below:

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If you need to contact us, please call our office at (570) 739-2241. For office hours, click here.

Listed below are some common forms that will be needed for church or youth activities and special events, along with past issues of our monthly update. Please click on the links to have them open in a web page so you may print them out. If you would like to download these forms as a digital file onto your computer you can also right click your mouse button and choose "save link as."

October 2020 Newsletter
9/18/2020pdf821 KB9/18/2020
September 2020 Newsletter
8/21/2020pdf920 KB8/21/2020
August 2020 Newsletter
7/17/2020pdf1013 KB7/17/2020
July 2020 Newsletter
6/21/2020pdf852 KB6/21/2020
June 2020 Newsletter
5/24/2020pdf1 MB5/24/2020
May 2020 Newsletter 1
4/25/2020pdf900 KB4/25/2020
April 2020 Newsletter
3/23/2020pdf1 MB3/23/2020
March 2020 Newsletter
2/18/2020pdf1 MB2/18/2020
January 2020 Newsletter
12/24/2019pdf1 MB12/24/2019
December 2019 Newsletter
11/19/2019pdf2 MB11/19/2019
November 2019 Newsletter
10/21/2019pdf695 KB10/21/2019
October 2019 Newsletter
9/23/2019pdf2 MB9/23/2019
September 2019 Newsletter
8/27/2019pdf2 MB8/27/2019
8/27/2019pdf146 KB8/27/2019
August 2019 Newsletter
7/23/2019pdf464 KB7/23/2019
July 2019 Newsletter
6/25/2019pdf409 KB6/25/2019
June 2019 Newsletter
5/21/2019pdf1 MB5/21/2019
May 2019 Newsletter
4/22/2019pdf580 KB4/22/2019
April 2019 Newsletter
3/27/2019pdf417 KB3/27/2019
March 2019 Newsletter
2/23/2019pdf1 MB2/23/2019
February 2019 Newsletter
2/23/2019pdf438 KB2/23/2019
November 2018 Newsletter
10/31/2018pdf631 KB10/31/2018
September 2018 Newsletter
9/20/2018pdf1 MB9/20/2018
August 2018 Newsletter
7/27/2018pdf734 KB7/27/2018
July 2018 Newsletter
6/23/2018pdf738 KB6/23/2018
June 2018 Newsletter
5/19/2018pdf1 MB5/19/2018
May 2018 Newsletter
4/20/2018pdf1 MB4/20/2018
April 2018 Newsletter
3/17/2018pdf1 MB3/17/2018
March Newsletter
2/21/2018pdf690 KB2/21/2018
February 2018 Newsletter
1/26/2018pdf625 KB1/26/2018
December 2017 Newsletter
11/22/2017pdf601 KB11/22/2017
November 2017 Newsletter
10/20/2017pdf948 KB10/20/2017
October 2017 Newsletter
9/15/2017pdf578 KB9/15/2017
8/30/2017pdf99 KB8/30/2017
September 2017 Newsletter
8/18/2017pdf448 KB8/18/2017
August 2017 Newsletter
7/21/2017pdf477 KB7/21/2017
7/12/2017pdf78 KB7/12/2017
July 2017 Newsletter
6/23/2017pdf453 KB6/23/2017
April 2017 Newsletter
3/17/2017pdf927 KB3/17/2017
March 2017 Newsletter
2/16/2017pdf282 KB2/16/2017
2/08/2017pdf79 KB2/08/2017
February 2017 Newsletter
1/20/2017pdf355 KB1/20/2017
January 2017 Newsletter
12/16/2016pdf390 KB12/16/2016
11/30/2016pdf404 KB11/30/2016
Encounter Brochure 2017
11/25/2016pdf817 KB11/25/2016
December 2016 Newsletter
11/25/2016pdf390 KB11/25/2016
November 2016 Newsletter
10/14/2016pdf732 KB10/14/2016
October 2016 Newsletter
9/16/2016pdf850 KB9/16/2016
September 2016 Newsletter
8/27/2016pdf795 KB8/27/2016
August 2016 Newsletter
7/22/2016pdf377 KB7/22/2016
2016-2017 Medical Release
7/08/2016docx581 KB7/08/2016
July 2016 Newsletter
6/23/2016pdf492 KB6/23/2016
June 2016 Newsletter
5/20/2016pdf411 KB5/20/2016
May 2016 Newsletter
4/22/2016pdf431 KB4/22/2016
April 2016 Newsletter
3/18/2016pdf1 MB3/18/2016
March 2016 Newsletter
2/19/2016pdf902 KB2/19/2016
February 2016 Newsletter
1/21/2016pdf909 KB1/21/2016
January 2016 Newsletter
12/18/2015pdf945 KB12/18/2015
December 2015 Newsletter
11/19/2015pdf868 KB11/19/2015
November 2015 Newsletter
10/29/2015pdf1 MB10/29/2015
October 2015 Newsletter
9/18/2015pdf1 MB9/18/2015
April 2015 Newsletter
3/19/2015pdf1008 KB3/19/2015
2015-2016 Medical Release
3/03/2015pdf214 KB3/03/2015
March 2015 Newsletter
2/13/2015pdf944 KB2/13/2015
February 2015 Newsletter
1/22/2015pdf889 KB1/22/2015
February 2015 Newsletter
1/22/2015pdf889 KB1/22/2015
January 2015 Newsletter
12/19/2014pdf810 KB12/19/2014
10/24/2014pdf1 MB10/24/2014
9/25/2014pdf1015 KB9/25/2014
8/15/2014pdf790 KB8/15/2014
August 2014 Monthly update
7/17/2014pdf907 KB7/17/2014
July 2014 Monthly update
6/20/2014pdf994 KB6/20/2014
June 2014 Monthly update
5/16/2014pdf1 MB5/16/2014
Van Driver Screening
4/29/2014pdf510 KB4/29/2014
May 2014 Monthly update
4/18/2014pdf907 KB4/18/2014
April 2014 Monthly update
3/21/2014pdf912 KB3/21/2014
March 2014 Monthly update
2/14/2014pdf918 KB2/14/2014
1/17/2014pdf935 KB1/17/2014
12/20/2013pdf923 KB12/20/2013
11/20/2013pdf828 KB11/20/2013
10/17/2013pdf932 KB10/17/2013
9/19/2013pdf959 KB9/19/2013
8/15/2013pdf637 KB8/15/2013
August 2013 Monthly update
7/18/2013pdf622 KB7/18/2013
July 2013 Monthly update
6/20/2013pdf788 KB6/20/2013
June 2013 Monthly update
5/16/2013pdf838 KB5/16/2013
May 2013 Monthly update
4/17/2013pdf612 KB4/17/2013
April 2013 Monthly update
3/19/2013pdf934 KB3/19/2013
2/21/2013pdf51 KB2/21/2013
March 2013 Monthly update
2/14/2013pdf755 KB2/14/2013
2/05/2013pdf615 KB2/05/2013
2/05/2013pdf641 KB2/05/2013